Answers to frequently asked questions

Who can use SafeLadder?

  • SafeLadder has completed tests in collaboration with DBI (The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology) with people aged 7-85 years – and concluded that everyone was able to use the system.
  • Most people will be able to evacuate themselves via the SafeLadder system, which means that the fire department can focus their work towards the citizens that needs help evacuating, which results in a more effective and safe evacuation for everyone.

How do you climb on the SafeLadder?

  • When the ladder has expanded and automatically locked to the facade, it can be accessed from all windows and/or balconies. The ladder is operated by climbing with your back towards the facade which gives a high degree of stability and safety.

How is the SafeLadder activated?

  • The SafeLadder can be activated directly from the street by the fire department, or from the individual apartment. The system is furthermore automatically activated if a temperature above 80°C is reached below the roof.

Is SafeLadder tested, certified and safe to use?

  • The development of the SafeLadder has happened in close collaboration with experts within the field as well as firemen.
  • SafeLadder has additionally been tested in collaboration with DBI (The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology). The system has completed risk assessments conducted by external experts and thereby confirms the safety of the system.

Can SafeLadder still be activated in case of a power failure during a fire?

  • SafeLadder is mounted together with a backup battery on the roof. This secures that SafeLadder always can be activated, also in the case of a power failure.

Where is SafeLadder mounted?

  • SafeLadder can be mounted on both the roof and facade. The fire safety system is mounted discreetly and will not be visible from a street level.

Is the product certified?

  • On our website, you can read about the seven possibilities for use which all are certified by fire advisors from DBI (The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology) and are therefore situations where the product has been certified for safe usage.
  • The product is furthermore CE-marked and follows all relevant legislation in the area.
  • Documentation from earlier cases and certification can be forwarded when demanded – contact info@klejngaard.dk

Where is the product being sold?

  • SafeLadder is a patented system that only can be bought through Klejngarrd Safety – and can not be bought elsewhere.

What is the price of SafeLadder?

  • The price of a SafeLadder fire safety system depends on the number of floors as well as the specific roof construction.

How durable is the system?

  • Each ladder module (per floor) has a durability of +600kg
  • Eg. a building with 4 floors and 4 ladder modules has a durability of +2400kg, which is more than enough to carry the weight of all residents as well as the firemen with equipment at the same time.

Who can i contact for more information?

Do you want us to take a closer look at your specific case?

Please send us:

  • A short description of the case, including what challenges you wish solved
  • An overview of the existing construction conditions
  • Information about you or your company

We will make a preliminary analysis of your case as soon as we get your information.

Other questions?

  • Did you not find an answer to your question? Send it to us at info@klejngaard.dk and we will answer it as quickly as possible.