News and relevant information on the company and our product, SafeLadder.
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  • Increased safety and smoke-free evacuation route

    Older stairwells function similar to chimneys in a fire and are often blocked by garbage bags and rubber boots. When installing a Klejngaard Safety rescue system, safety increases significantly as it is a smoke-free emergency exit.

  • Increased number of people allowed per floor

    The flexible placement of the system allows increased access to a building, thus increasing the number of rescue openings and emergency exits. With this increase in building safety, an increased number of people can be approved per floor.

  • Utilization of the required rescue area for recreational space or parking

    Often areas around a building are set aside as a fire rescue area, as the fire department must have space to raise their ladders in case of fire. We can ensure the fire department’s access from, for example, the backyard side, which is why the areas can be utilized for other purposes.

  • Utilization of the drying lofts as living space

    There is huge untapped potential in the old urban drying lofts. Obtaining the necessary fire approvals can often be challenging, which is why projects are stalling. Our product can enable the required security to obtain permission.

  • Utilizing the area by the gate

    To ensure rescue from the back of a building, there is often a requirement to establish a gate of a certain size. When installing Klejngaard rescue systems, the ladders are already present at the back of the building, which is why the size of the gate is no longer defined by size requirements concerning being able to enter with ladders.

  • Architectural freedom in development buildings

    When it comes to meeting the building code for fire, you can walk a minimal number of roads. With the Klejngaard rescue system, there is now a new road that opens up new opportunities and architectural freedom in general.

  • Improvement of the building in general

    An increase in security is an improvement of the building in general, as, of course, it benefits the resident.