Utilizing the area by the gate

Description of the fire technical challenge:

  • Evacuation and rescue from the backside of the building will often be a requirement to live up to building regulations and codes concerning fire. Therefore, the fire department must have access to the backside to reach the windows on this side with their ladders. This is often made possible with a large gate that secures access to the backside.


Klejngaard Safety can solve this challenge and simultaneously provide:

  • Our solution secures the rescue to the backside as well as the access for the fire department to all apartments, including the roof.
  • Possibility of utilizing this former gate-area as additional living space, a store, etc.
  • Optimal usage of the square meters in the cities.


A new building with dorm rooms had to add a large gate towards the backyard to meet the fire requirements. They can avoid this by installing SafeLadder and utilize the space as additional dorm rooms instead of the gate.