Architectural freedom in development buildings

Description of the fire technical challenge:

  • The building code entails several limitations regarding how buildings can be designed, especially concerning escape routes, fire safety, and roof access. And by good reason. But this will naturally limit the architecture and, thereby often also the optimal usage of the building.


Klejngaard Safety can solve this challenge and simultaneously provide:

  • Increase the architectural freedom within the existing regulations and codes whilst increasing safety by adding a smoke-free evacuation route.
  • The possibility of building higher where height rescue requirements otherwise would have been a limitation.
  • Optimal utilization of external area for larger balconies, small gardens, etc.


In a development building, there is a big wish for large balconies. Due to requirements to access the apartments for the fire department and the angle at which their ladders must stand, it is only possible to mount very narrow balconies. We can solve this issue.