Utilization of the drying lofts as living space

Description of the fire technical challenge:

  • When a building exceeds 10,4 meters in height (most often from 3rd-4th floor) the fire department can no longer use regular fire ladders, increasing requirements to the building.
  • New requirements: extensions of the stair turret, both main stairs, and kitchen stairs, as well as establishing access to the roof, which can require new or increased open space in front of the building.


Klejngaard Safety can solve this challenge and simultaneously provide:

  • Increased possible living space in the drying loft.
  • Better usage of existing buildings increases sustainability because it is more sustainable to renovate than a new build.
  • The release of the area in the drying loft increases the value of the building, which can finance establishing balconies, elevators, or other improvements.


A cooperative housing association wishes to install an elevator, which must be financed by establishing and selling apartments in the drying loft. These apartments can only be approved if our product is mounted on the building due to fire safety requirements.