Utilization of the required rescue area for recreational space or parking

Description of the fire technical challenge:

  • For the fire department to secure rescue on any side of the building, an area near the building must, in many cases, always be vacant as a fire rescue area for the ladders. This area can be utilized better.
  • We ensure rescue along a house wall or to the backyard (and continued access to roof) with our solution, which is why the area can be included.


Klejngaard Safety can solve this challenge and simultaneously provide:

  • We secure the rescue alongside the building on the backside, and continued access to the roof, with our solution, which means that the rescue area can be used for other purposes.
  • A better usage of the square meters in the cities.
  • Possibility of adding more floors to existing buildings because the new outdoor area can be used as parking, which is often a requirement from the city when the number of occupants rises.



A Hotel in Copenhagen wishes a better utilization of their back yard, where all the space today is a fire rescue area and is therefore empty. We can solve this issue so that they can change the empty and boring back yard to a lovely garden with outdoor seating space for the guests.