Increased safety and smoke-free evacuation route

Description of the fire technical challenge:

  • Poor level of safety in existing buildings due to narrow and steep kitchen stairs that are often, illegally used as storage which complicates or completely hinders an evacuation.
  • Older staircases where smoke quickly spreads to other parts of the building, hereunder other escape routes. Old staircases often function as a chimney in case of fire.
  • Narrow streets and allies, equal poor accessibility for the fire department and thereby poor safety for the residents.


Klejngaard Safety can solve this challenge and simultaneously provide:

  • Increased safety for each resident by adding a smoke-free evacuation.
  • A general improvement of existing housing stock and thereby an improvement of the general safety in the cities.
  • Assistance for the fire department.



As owners’ association wishes increased fire safety in their building following an unpleasant experience with a fire on their roof. This building only has one staircase, build in wood. We can increase their safety drastically without scaring the façade of the old building.